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Aluminium Household Foil

Aluminium foils excellent hygiene and malleability make it a highly useful product in everyday life.

Our aluminium is hygienic at the point of production and its smooth surface prevents the harbouring or growth of bacteria. The pliability of the foil means it can be easily bent or wrapped around objects to act as a barrier to light, gases or moisture; ideal for covering food and drink.

All of our aluminium household foil meets international quality standards and is widely used by the catering industry.
Product Aluminium Household Foil
Thickness 0.007mm ~ 0.025mm
Width 70mm ~ 1600mm
Internal Diameter ¢76mm, ¢152mm
External Diameter 100mm ~1400mm
Alloy Trade Mark 8011, 1235
Material State O, H22, H24