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Level Wound Coil

A level wound coil (LWC) is a continuous length of tube tightly wound in layers and is available either on or off reel.

LWCs can be packaged in a variety of ways to suit.
Coils can be stacked up to 6 high with a pallet separating half way if required.
All level wound coil stacks are shrink wrapped for transportation. The tubes are capped both ends and bulk packs can be secured with either copper belts or Velcro bands.
OD (mm) Wall (mm)
3.80 0.28~0.60
4.76 0.28~1.00
5.00 0.25~1.00
6.35 0.28~1.50
7.00~7.94 0.28~1.50
12.00~12.70 0.26~1.50
15.88~16.00 0.34~1.50
19.05 0.41~1.80
22.22 0.71~2.00
28.58 1.20~2.00