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Stone Honeycomb Panels

Stone honeycomb panels are composed of a natural stone veneer face; a fiberglass or aluminium bottom sheet; an aluminium foil honeycomb structure; stainless steel suspenders and a modified astronautic grade epoxy resin to hold it all together.

Stone honeycomb panels possess various advantages including excellent strength to weight ratio and good performance in sound attenuation, fire-resistance, chemical corrosion and heat insulation. These properties give stone honeycomb panels a unique competitive edge over other similar materials. They prove an ideal choice for high-storey buildings as exterior wall panels, as well as interior wall decoration, due to their easy installation.
Front Sheet 2mm – 8mm natural stone veneer
Reverse Panel 13mm or 18mm aluminium honeycomb panel
Total Thickness 10mm – 25mm stone honeycomb panel
Maximum Size 1500mm x 3000mm (marble)
1200mm x 2400mm (granite)
Stone honeycomb panels are also available in an arced shape that is ideal for pillars and curved surfaces of buildings. The arc stone honeycomb panel shares all the advantages of the flat panel but also keeps the original beauty when bending, without any cracking. Compared with solid stone arc panels, they are lighter, tougher, simpler to deliver and far less material consuming.