Facts about our materials

Aluminium is the third most abundant element on earth and the most abundant metal. It is very easily and widely recycled; meaning less new ore needs to be mined to produce aluminium products.

Energy efficiency – Aluminium Foil is lightweight and also has excellent heat conductivity. When used in heat exchangers, it supports the efficient transfer of heat or cold air, reducing the amount of energy input required. This in turn lowers energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

100% of our scrap copper tube (copper not used in final product) is recycled, cleaned and re-used in our production process, so there is no waste material.

Copper tube is extremely durable, so there isn’t a need to replace it constantly over a short period of time. As well as this, copper tube can be repeatabley recycled in the future, meaning it has an almost infinite lifecycle.

Copper is a non-toxic material; it does not release any harmful substances into the environment, making it a safe choice for use in HVAC systems. Copper tube also requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to corrosion, which means fewer chemicals and resources are required to maintain it over time.

Due to copper tube being an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity, it improves the energy efficiency is HVAC systems, as it allows superior heat transfer, and reduces the need for additional insulation and energy consuming solutions.