Copper Foil/Strip

Grade - C106 / Cu-DHP / CW024A Grade - C101 / Cu-ETP / CW004A

We supply a wide range of rolled copper foils, in a variety of different grades to meet customer requirements, including Cu-ETP, Cu-DHP and CU-OF (oxygen free).

Why choose our copper foil?

Our high-quality copper strip is a versatile and essential component in the realm of heat exchangers. Renowned for its exceptional thermal conductivity and malleability, copper foil ensures optimal heat transfer efficiency within various industrial and commercial applications. Its thin and flexible nature allows for seamless integration into complex designs, promoting effective heat exchange. between fluids while maintaining durability and reliability


Our copper foil/strip can be used in an array of different applications, from air conditioning systems to electronics cooling solutions, copper foil plays a pivotal role in enhancing energy efficiency and overall performance. More specifically, an example of this would be it's use in heat exchangers.

Copper Foil/Strip Technical Information

Grade C106 / Cu-DHP / CW024AC101 / Cu-ETP / CW004A
Chemical CompositionCopper (Cu) – min 99.90%
Phosphorus (P) – 0.015% - 0.040%
Copper (Cu) – min 99.90%
Oxygen (O) – Max 0.04%
Silver (Pb) – Max 0.005%
Bismuth (Bi) – Max 0.0005%
Conductivity-Minimum 98.3%

Material Condition

TemperR220/H040 = ‘O’ SoftR240/H065 = ½ hardR290/H090 = Hard
Thickness0.025mm - 0.50mm0.025mm - 0.50mm0.025mm - 0.50mm
Width5.0mm - 520mm5.0mm - 520mm5.0mm - 520mm
Tensile StrengthMin 220 - Max 260 MPAMin 240 - Max 300 MPAMin 290 - Max 360 MPA
Yield StrengthMax 140 MPAMax 180 MPAMax 250 MPA
ElongationMin 33%Min 8%Min 4%